These pages present photos of exterior and interior lanterns sent to us by our relatives and friends after we created our website.

Our son Mike Vainchtein with his wife Alina and cousin Efim Khakhan with his wife Anna travelled extensively through Europe and added a lot of photos to our collection. Our relatives and friends sent us their photos as well. We put the name of the contributor in the photo caption or in the location description. If we already had a corresponding page, we just added their photos to it. The Guest's Page contains photos of places we have not visited.

Besides the Guest's Page:
- Mike's photos are on the following pages:
Saint Petersburg; Atlanta; Montreal; Quebec City; Boston; Oshawa.
- Efim's photos are on the page Boston.
- Our niece Natasha Goldenberg's photo is on the page Baltimore.
- Our cousin Nelly Shvartsman's photos are on the pages Getty Villa and West Hills. and Santa Monica.
- Our cousin Lev Gorelik and his wife Anna Sherman

sent us photos of lanterns in Rondo, Spain: Girona, Cordoba, Ronda

- Our friend Vitaly Gusan's photos are on the page Chisinau.
- Our friends Andrew and Natasha Lezin's photos are on the page Kronstadt.
- Our friend Julia Nikitina's photos are on the pages Nevsky Avenue and Moyka River

We are very grateful to all the shutterbugs, who contributed photos to our website.