Saint Petersburg

Photographs of the Saint-Petersburg’s lanterns belong to two periods. All our photos were taken in 1972-1976 and kept on slides. A lot of photos were taken in July 2008 by our son Mike, when he and his wife visited Petersburg and some Scandinavian countries. We used them instead of our old photos if lanterns have not changed, or both to show the change.

When several years ago we started scanning our slides, we found that many of them have deteriorated, some even ruined, so quality of the pictures is not very good.

When it was possible, we tried to check the locations with Google Street View and put information in the photo caption about present conditions or existence of the lantern. A lantern is marked with (?) if we could not confirm its status. If there is no note, it means that the lantern exists and has not changed.

Collection presented by areas named by districts, main roads or rivers. That area photos may contain lanterns located in adjacent streets. Index page contains all lanterns with their addresses and links.

We did not include any description or history of buildings or places where the photos were taken. The information may be found using Russian Wikipedia site and other sources. English Wikipedia also has some information Saint Petersburg buildings.