Helsinki is the capital and most populous city
of Finland. It is located on the shore of the Gulf
of Finland. Helsinki was established as a trading town by King Gustav I of Sweden in 1550 as
the town of Helsingfors. Russia defeated Sweden and annexed Finland in 1809. In 1812 Russian Emperor Alexander I moved the Finnish capital from Turku to Helsinki. The downtown core of Helsinki was rebuilt in the neoclassical style to resemble Saint Petersburg.
Mike and Alina visited Helsinki on June 20, 2008.

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National Theatre, 1902; Lantinen Teattterkuja, 1.
Stairs Pillar Torchiere.

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House of the Estates, 1891; Snellmaninkatu 9-11.
Stairs Parapet Torchiere.
Former Parliament Building.

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Torchiere at Alexander II Statue, 1894.
Senate Square.

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Bank of Finland Building, 1891; Snellmaninaukio.
Stairs Parapet Torchiere.
Statue of J.V. Snellman (1923) in the foreground.

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Central Railway Station, 1919; Kaivokatu, 1.
Spherical Lamps Held by Statues.