Kronstadt is port city, located on Kotlin Island,
30 km west of St Petersburg, in the Gulf of Finland. It is linked now to the mainland by the St Petersburg Dam, part of the city's flood defences. Founded in the early 18th century by Peter the Great, it became the main base of the Russian Baltic Fleet.
The historic centre of the city and its fortifications are part of the St Petersburg World Heritage Site.
Photos taken by Andrew and Natasha Lezin on August 10, 2019.

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St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral, 1913.
Yakornaya Sq (Якорная пл), 1.
Interiors destroyed after revolution.
Cathedral restored in 2000s.
1/4. Main Chandelier.
2/4. Original Chandelier (From Cathedral website).
3/4. Side Chandelier.
4/4. Gallery Chandeliers.
Люстры Морского Собора.