Estonia: Tallinn

Tallin, the capital of Estonia, is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea. It was mentioned first in 1219 and got city rights in 1248.
It was called Revel from 13th Century until Estonia became independent in 1918.

All photos of Tallinn's lanterns were taken in May, 1976. They were kept on slides. When several years ago we started scanning slides, we found that many of them have deteriorated, some even ruined, so quality of the pictures is not very good.

When it was possible, we checked the locations with Google Street View and put information in the photo caption about present conditions or existence of the lantern. A lantern is marked with (?) if we could not confirm its existence or conditions. If there is no note, it means that the lantern exists and has not changed.

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Parnu Maantee, 5. Estonia Drama Theatre, 1910.
Wall Mount Light above the main Entrance.

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Lai 23, Tallin City Theatre. Buildings- 15th Century.
Wall Mount Light above the main Entrance.
Google 2018: Lantern no longer exists.

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Lossy Plats 10, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, 1900.
1/2. 3-Light Torchiere near Cathedral, May 1976.
2/2. Google 2018: 5-Light Torchiere.

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Kiriku Plats 1; Estonian Knighthood House, 1848.
Parapet Torchiere at the Main Entrance.
Google 2018: Torchiere no longer exists.

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Kiriku Plats.
Wall Mount Light on the buildings
and St. Mary Cathedral.

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Pikk 26.
House of the Blackheads, early 15th Century.
Renovated in 1597.

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Raekoja Plats 15; Now Restaurant "Troika".
Google 2018: Lantern no longer exists.

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Lossi Plats, 1A; Balcony Torchiere.
Toompea Castle. Now Parliament Building.
Castle and Towers date back to 13th century.
Parliament Building - 18th century.

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Kadriorg Palace and Park. A. Veizenbergi, 37.
Palace built in 1710, rebuilt in 1827.
Google 2018: Couldn't locate all lanterns.
1/3. Parapet Torchiere near the Palace (?).
2/3. Park Gate, Pillar Light (?).
3/3. Park Balustrade, Parapet Torchiere (?).

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Niguliste 3, Niguliste kirik. St. Nikolas Church.
Church built in 13th Century.
Expanded in 14th, rebuilt in 15th Century.
Torchiere near the church.

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Pikk and Olevimagi.
Chapel of Christ the Savior, 1909.
Light Post near the Chapel.
Google 2018: Lantern no longer exists.
Часовня Христа Спасителя.
соборы.ру: фото 2007-фонаря нет.

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Pikk 17; Great Guild Hall, 1417.
Now Estonia History Museum.
Wall Mount Lantern above the Main Entrance.

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Tammsaare Park, Lamp Post.
Google 2018: Different lamp posts.

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Vene, 9; Bank, 1878.
Later Post Office and Telegraph.
Now Hotel Telegraaf.
Wall Mount Light at the Main Entrance.

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Lai 39/41, Government Building.
Wall Mount Light at the Main Entrance.

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Mere Puiestee, 6; Built in 1900s.
Cinema, then Variete.
Rebuilt in 1953 for House of Soviet Navy Staff.
Now Russian Cultural Centre.

Torchiere at the Main Entrance.

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Kohtu 8; Mansion, 1814.
Now Office of Chancellor of Justice.
Gate Pillar Torchiere.