Abkhazia: Sukhumi
Gagra, Akhali Atoni

Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia is part of Georgia. However, people of Abkhazia and some states consider it as an independent country. Sukhumi is the capital of Abkhazia. It is located on the Black Sea Coast. Sukhumi founding dates back to the 6th century BC. City was severely damaged during war for independence with Georgia in 1992-93. We took photos of Sukhumi's lanterns in July 1976.

Gagra is located on the Black Sea Coast about 80km north of Sukhumi. The town was established as a Greek colony in the 1st century BC. The name "Gagra" appeared for the first time on a map in 1308.

Akhali Atoni (New Athos, Новый Афон) is situated about 20km to the north of Sukhumi on the shores of the Black Sea. It was founded as a Greek fortress Anacopia in the 3rd century CE.

Photos 1-6: Sukhumi, July 1976.
Photos 7-8: Gagra, September 1972.
Photo 9: Akhali Atoni, September 1972.

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Sukhumi, Hotel "Abkhazia".
Wall Mount Light at the Entrance.
Hotel destroyed during the war of 1992-93.

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Sukhumi, Street Torchiere (?). Location unknown.

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Sukhumi, 16 Leon Ave; Teacher's Club.
Wall Mount Light (?).

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Sukhumi, near Sea Port.
Fence Pillar Light (?)

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Sukhumi, 20 Gulia St, Botanical Gardens.
1/2. Gazebo Pendant, July 1976.
2/2. Google, photo 2018 (Oleg Pouzanov):
Different Pendant.

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Suknumi, Mountain Park.
Heavily damaged during war of 1992-93.
1/3. Balustrade Torchiere (?); July 1976.
Google 2018: Glass globes missing.
2/3. Google, photo 1950s: torchiere intact.
3/3. Google, photo 2016 (Elena Bocharova):
Only post remained, no lanterns.

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Gagra, Road Bridge.
1/2. Light Post, Sept. 1972.
2/2. Google, photo 2018 (Andrey Boldyrev):
Pole the same, bracket and lantern different.

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Gagra, Railway Bridge.
1/2. 5-light Torchiere, Sept. 1972.
2/2. Google, photo 2017 (Alex Pshenichny):
Pillar the same, 3 lights left.

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Akhali Atoni, Psirtskha Railway Station.
1/2. Torchiere, Sept. 1972.
2/2. Google, photo 2016 (Gavr Luke):
Pole the same, lantern different.