Ontario: Elora,
Waterloo, Fergus

The first wave of immigrants to the Waterloo area (Mennonites from Pennsylvanian) arrived in 1804.
In 1816 new settlement was named Waterloo. It is the smallest of three cities (Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo) which comprise the Waterloo Municipality.

The University of Waterloo was founded in 1957 and is known for its Engineering, Mathematics and Science programs. "Perimeter"- Institute for Theoretical Physics is also located in Waterloo.

We made very short visit to Waterloo in October 2004 and would like to visit it again.

Elora is located about 30km north of Waterloo where Irvin Creek joins Grand river forming magnificent Elora Gorge. Elora is well known for its 19th-century limestone architecture. Elora grist mill was built in 1832, then it became a sawmill, distillery and flour mill. In 1970s it was converted to a hotel Mill Inn, which closed in 2010. We visited Elora several times, however the photos were taken on July 21, 2012, when we explored the area with our cousin from Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Fergus is located on the Grand River about 35km northeast of Waterloo. The area was first settled at the end of 18th century by British Loyalists.
Next wave of settlers arrived in 1830s and in 1858 the settlement was incorporated as a village called Fergus. It was incorporated as a town in 1953.

We visited Fergus in August 2001 on the way home from a cottage we rented at Eugene Lake.

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Waterloo, 22 Willow Street.
St. John Lutheran Church, 1962.
Wall Mount Light at the Main Entrance.
St. John Lutheran Church

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Waterloo, 53 Allen Street E.
St. Louis Catholic Church, 1891.
1/2. Torchiere at the Main Entrance Stairs.
St. Louis Catholic Church
2/2. Wall Mount Light at the Main Entrance.
St. Louis Catholic Church

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Waterloo, 227 King Street S.
Mutual Life Building, 1912.
1/2. Torchiere at the Main Entrance Stairs.
Mutual Life Building
2/2. Front Yard Light Post.
Mutual Life Building

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Elora, 109 Metcalfe Street.
Wall Mount Light above 2nd Floor Balcony.

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Elora, Lamp Post along Metcalfe Street.

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Fergus, 300 St. Andrew Street W.
United Church, 1930.
Wall Mount Light at the Tower St Entrance.
United Church

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Fergus, 299 St. Andrew Street W.
Post Office, Wall Mount Light.
Google 2016: Lantern no longer exists.
Post Office

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Fergus, 325 St. George Street.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 1862.
Wall Mount Light at the Side Entrance.
St. Andrew Presbyterian Church