St. Thomas

St. Thomas is located about 200km southwest from Toronto. The area was settled in 1810.
St. Thomas was incorporated as a town in 1861 and as a city in 1881.

In the late 19th century and early 20th century
St. Thomas became a railway junction: 26 railways passed through the city. No wonder that the biggest circus elephant Jumbo was killed in September 1885 by a locomotive. There is a life-sized statue commemorating Jumbo. St. Thomas is also known for its Railway Museum.

We rented a cottage at Long Point on Lake Erie
in August 2005. From there we visited St. Thomas and explored southwestern Ontario towns: Port Dover, Port Stanley, Simcoe, Sparta and Tillsonburg.

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190 Wilson Avenue; Elmdale Memorial Park.
Gates, 1933. Arch Pendant.
Elmdale Memorial Park

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55 Hincks Street; Knox Presbyterian Church.
1/3. Wall Mount Lighty above the Main Entrance.
Knox Presbyterian Church
2/3. Wall Mount Light above the Tower Entrance.
Knox Presbyterian Church
3/3. Wall Mount Light at the Office Entrance.
Knox Presbyterian Church

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55 Southwick St; Trinity Anglican Church, 1877.
Wall Mount Light above the Main Entrance.
Trinity Anglican Church

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545 Talbot Street; City Hall, 1899.
1/3. Four Lights Pendant.
City Hall
2/3. Six Lights Pendant.
City Hall
3/3. Wall Mount Light.
City Hall

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502 Talbot Street; Holy Angel's Church, 1911.
1/4. Main Entrance Stairs, Parapet Torchiere.
Holy Angels Church
2/4. Wall Mount Light above the Side Entrance.
Holy Angels Church
3/4. Nave Pendant.
Holy Angels Church
4/4. Lobby Pendant.
Holy Angels Church

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28 Southwick Street; Baptist Church, 1879.
Torchiere at the Main Entrance.
Google 2016: Torchiere no longer exists.
Baptist Church

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55 Walnut Street; Old St. Thomas Church, 1825.
1/3. Nave Pendant with kerosene lamps .
St. Thomas Church
2/3. Lobby Pendant with kerosene Lamps.
St. Thomas Church
3/3. Wall Mount kerosene lamp.
St. Thomas Church

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7 Curtis Street; 1st United Church, 1873.
Rebuilt after fires in 1919, 1950.
1/2. Wall Mount Light above the Main Entrance.
1st United Church
2/2. Wall Mount Light above the side Entrance.
1st United Church