Ontario: Simcoe
Sparta, Port Stanley
Port Dover, Tillsonburg

To explore some southwestern towns close to Lake Erie, in August 2005 we rented a cottage at Long Point. We visited St. Thomas, Port Dover, Port Stanley, Simcoe, Sparta and Tillsonburg.

Port Dover was established as Dover Mills in 1794. It changed name to Port Dover in 1812. "Cliff Site", Canadian National Historic Site, located in Port Dover is the place where two priest in 1670 claimed the whole region for Lois XIV of France. In summer 2005 Port Dover was decorated with several dozens of funny pig statues, painted, dressed and captioned with great sense of humour.

Port Stanley since 17th century was an important route for travellers to access inland waterways through Kettle Creek. Site was first settled in 1804 and named Port Stanley in 1824 after Edward Smith-Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby, who later became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the father of Frederick Stanley, 16th Earl of Derby, Governor General of Canada, donor of the first Stanley Cup in 1893.

Village of Sparta was established in 1813 by Quakers. It is still inhabited by descendants of the settlers of the middle 19th century. Many houses from that time are restored and maintained by a local community.

Simcoe was founded in 1795 by Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe. It was incorporated as a town in 1878. Simcoe is about 40km south of Brantford and it has the largest community of Norfolk County.

Tillsonburg is located about 175km west of Toronto and 50km southeast of London. Area was settled in 1825 and named Tillsonburg in 1836. It was incorporated as a town in 1872.

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Port Dover, 302 St. George Street.
St Paul's Anglican Church, 1852.
Wall Mount Light above Market St Entrance.
St Paul Anglican Church

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Port Stanley, 218 Joseph Street.
Fire Hall, 1874. Gate Pillar Lantern.
Fire Hall

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Sparta, 46355 Sparta Line.
Wall Mount Light at the Entrance.
46355 Sparta Line

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Simcoe, 154 Maple Street.
Maple Lodge Retirement Home.
1/2. Wall Mount Light at the Entrance.

Google, 2012: Only right lantern remains.

154 Maple St
2/2. Wall Mount Light at the Side Entrance.

Google, 2012: Lantern no longer exists.

154 Maple St

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Simcoe, 50 Colborne Street; Courthouse, 1863.
Walkway Light Post at the Main Entrance.

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Simcoe, 80 Colborne Street.
Trinity Anglican Church, 1882.
Wall Mount Light at Court St Entrance.
Trinity Anglican Church

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Simcoe, 214 Norfolk St S; Ferris Funeral Home.
1/2. Courtyard Torchiere.
Ferris Funeral Home
2/2. Walkway Torchieres.

Google, 2018: Lanterns no longer exist.

Ferris Funeral Home

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Tillsonburg, 51 Venison Street W.
St. Mary Catholic Church, 1875.
Walkway Torchiere at Rolph St Entrance.
St. Mary Catholic Church

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Tillsonburg, 60 Harvey Street.
Zion Avondale United Church, 1886.
Pillar Lantern at the Main Entrance.
Google, 2016: the same pillar, different lantern.
Zion Avondale United Church