San Francisco

San Francisco was founded in 1776 by Spanish colonists. The California Gold Rush of 1849 brought rapid growth and in 1856 San Francisco was incorporated as a city. It had to be rebuilt after the earthquake and fire of 1906 destroyed about three quarters of the city.

San Francisco was the first stop on our journey to California. We were invited to our cousin's son wedding in Los Angeles. So we decided to visit San Francisco before the wedding, then rent a car and drive to LA. We spent about 4 days exploring San Francisco from 18 to 21 May of 2014 and then drove to LA along the beautiful California West Coast.

Towns we visited are listed in the dropdown menu on "US Lanterns" page under "California" title. We enjoyed our time in LA, so busy with wedding events and mingling with close relatives we have not seen for a long time, that LA lanterns had to wait for another occasion.

To make going through San Francisco photos easier, we allocated photos to pages indicated in the Navigation Bar. On some streets we came across only a few lanterns, or even only one lantern. In general, we are sure we missed a lot of lanterns on any street, due to very limited time we had.

When it was possible, we tried to check the locations with Google Street View and put information in the photo caption about present conditions or existence of the lantern. A lantern is marked with (?) if we could not confirm its existence or conditions. If there is no note, it means that the lantern exists and has not changed.