Salem, Framingham,
French King Bridge

Salem, located at the mouth of the Naumkeag River about 25km NE of Boston, was settled in 1626 and was one of the most significant seaports in early American history. The infamous part of Salem's history is witchcraft trails of 1692, featured in Arthur Miller's The Crucible.
Salem was incorporated as a city in 1836.

We visited Salem with friends from St. Petersburg in September 2010.

We passed Framingham on our way to Boston and stayed with friends in Framingham for a night. Framingham is about 35 km west of Boston. It was founded in 1647 and incorporated as a town in 1700.

French King Bridge crosses the Connecticut River at the Millers Falls, Massachusetts about 10km from Vermont border. The bridge was built in 1932. We passed the bridge on our way from Boston to Placid Lake, NY in May, 2007.

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Framingham, 830 Worcester Street.
St. Bridget's Church, 1930.
Wall Mount Light at the Main Entrance.
Photo taken in May 2007

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Salem, 32 Federal Street.
Old Granite Court House, 1841.
Wall Mount Light above the Main Entrance
Photo taken in September 2010.

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Salem, 36 Federal Street.
Family Court, 1909.
Parapet Torchiere, Main Entrance Stairs.
Photo taken in September 2010.

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Salem, 11 Central Street.
First Bank Building, 1811.
Wall Mount Light above the Main Entrance
Photo taken in September 2010.

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French King Bridge over Connecticut River.
Pillar Torchieres at the End of the Bridge
Photo taken in May 2007.