These pages present photos of the lanterns found on Rosedale area houses. Rosedale is an area loosely defined as located around Mt. Pleasant Road from Yonge Street (West) to Bayview Avenue (East) and from Bloor Street E (South) to Pricefield Road-Summerhill Avenue (North).

Photos were taken during several walks through the area, some with ROM Walks guides. Actual dates are in the photo captions. Most of the Rosedale houses are detached ones. Only other types of houses are mentioned in the caption.

To make viewing photos manageable, they are attributed to five areas, listed in the Rosedale drop-down menu. Streets, allocated to the areas, are listed below in alphabetical order and placed at the top of every page.

SOUTH-EAST which is further divided in the two subareas:
SOUTH-EAST-N containing Elm Street and streets north of Elm St: 146-185 Crescent Road, Dunbar Road, Elm Street, 67-97 Glen Road, Lamport Avenue, May Square, May Street, Mt Pleasant Road, 64-168 South Drive.
SOUTH-EAST-S containing streets south of Elm St: Ancroft Place, Castle Frank Road, Dale Avenue, Drumsnab Road, 45-65 Glen Road, Hawthorn Avenue, Hawthorn Gardens, Maple Avenue, McKenzie Avenue, Nanton Avenue, Sherbourne Street N.

NORTH-EAST: Beaumont Road, Binscarth Road, Douglas Drive, Edgar Avenue, 110-332 Glen Road, Highland Avenue, Highland Gardens, MacLennan Avenue, Roxborough Drive, Whitney Avenue.

SOUTH-WEST: Avondale Road, Cluny Drive, Corrigan Close, Meredith Crescent, Park Road, Pine Hill Road, Rosedale Road, 1-60 South Drive.

NORTH-WEST: Chestnut Park, 1-145 Crescent Road, Rowanwood Avenue, Thornwood Road.