First time we traveled to Quebec at the end of June 1997. We visited only Montreal and Quebec City. Our second foray into Quebec happened in July-August 2008. We rented for two weeks a cottage near Stanstead, city divided by the Canada-USA border. From there we drove to Montreal and Quebec City, explored Eastern Townships sites, tried to hike some mountains in Quebec and Vermont. Hiking attempts were in most cases unsuccessful due to heavy rains happening almost every day, which was unusual for this time of year.

Photos of the lanterns, presented on these pages, were taken in 1997 and 2008. We are sure we missed a lot of lanterns on any street, due to very limited time we usually had.

When it was possible, we tried to check the locations with Google Street View and put information in the photo caption about present conditions or existence of the lantern. A lantern is marked with (?) if we could not confirm its status. If there is no note, it means that the lantern exists and has not changed.