Perth is located about 330km northeast of Toronto and about 85km southwest of Ottawa, on the Tay River. The town was established as a military settlement in 1816. The military regime lasted until 1824, when settlers were granted municipal rights of self government.
In 1893 a 10-ton "Mammoth Cheese" was produced in Perth for the World Exposition in Chicago.

We visited Perth in August 2002.

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12 Harvey Street.
St. James Anglican Church, 1861.
1/2. Wall Mount Light above

the Drummond St Main Entrance.

 St. James Anglican Church
2/2. Anteroom Pendant (?).
St. James Anglican Church

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38 Wilson Street E.
St. John's Catholic Church, 1848.
1/2. Torchiere at the Main Entrance.
St. John Catholic Church
2/2. Torchiere, Rectory Entrance.
St. John Catholic Church

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66 Craig Street; Radenhurst House, 1824.
Wall Mount Light at the Main Entrance.
Radenhurst House
The cottage named Inge-Va ("Come here" in Tamil)
by new owner: Ella Inderwick who moved into the house in 1894.

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33 Drummond Street W; Victoria Hall, 1854.
Great War Memorial Hospital since 1925.
1/2. Walkway Pillar Lantern.
Victoria Hall
2/2. Walkway Gates Lantern.
Victoria Hall

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3 Drummond Street W; Light Post at the stairs.
Google 2018: different Light Post.
3 Drummond St.

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1 Drummond Street W.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 1927.
1/3. Wall Mount Light above North St Entrance.
St. Andrew Presbyterian Church
2/3. Torchiere at the Main Entrance.

Google 2015: the same torchiere.

Google 2018: different torchiere.

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church
3/3. Wall Mount Light, Drummond St Entrance.
St. Andrew Presbyterian Church