The city of Chatham (Now Chatham-Kent municipality) is located in Southeastern Ontario, about 300km west of Toronto. The Thames River flows through Chatham and the city began as a naval dockyard in 1790s. It was incorporated as a city
in 1895, and amalgamated into Chatham-Kent municipality in 1998.

We visited Chatham in July 2006, as part of our trip exploring Western Ontario cities.

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287 King Street W; Kent Club.
1/2. Torchiere at the Main Entrance Stairs.
Kent Club
2/2. Front Yard Torchiere.
Kent Club

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59 William St N; Milner Heritage House, 1894.
Interior Pendants.
1/6. Library?
Milner Heritage House
2/6. Sitting Room.
Milner Heritage House
3/6. Kitchen?
Milner Heritage House
4/6. Dining Room.
Milner Heritage House
5/6. Bedroom?
Milner Heritage House
6/6. Living Room?
Milner Heritage House
Some rooms might be misidentified.

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2 King St. W; The Merrill Hotel, 1890.
Now Retro Suites Hotel.
1/2. Wall Mount Light at the Main Entrance.
The Merrill Hotel
2/2. Wall Mount Light, Front Wall.

Google, 2018: Lantern no longer exists.

The Merrill Hotel
Google, 2018 shows a couple of gorgeous
torchieres at the west entrance.
We might have missed them in 2006.

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85 William St S; St. Andrew United Church, 1869.
Wall Mount Light above Main and Side Entrances.
St. Andrew United Church

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60 Fifth Street; 1st Presbyterian Church, 1893.
Entrance Ceiling Light (?).
1st Presbyterian Church

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180 Wellington Street W.
St. Joseph's Catholic Church, 1886.
Towers built in 1916.
1/7. Main Entrance Arch Pendant.
 St. Joseph's Catholic Church
2/7. Wall Mount Light above the Side Entrance.
 St. Joseph's Catholic Church
3/7. Anteroom Pendant.
 St. Joseph's Catholic Church
4/7. Lobby Pendant.
 St. Joseph's Catholic Church
5/7. Stairs Pendant.
 St. Joseph's Catholic Church
6/7. Aisle Pendant.
 St. Joseph's Catholic Church
7/7. Nave Pendant.
 St. Joseph's Catholic Church

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King Street W at 5th St.
Clock and Street Light Posts.
Clock and Street Light