The Annex

This page presents exterior lanterns we found on some of the Annex houses. The Annex is located approximately between Bloor St. W on the south, Dupont St. on the north, Bathurst St on the west and Avenue Rd on the east.

Our first foray into the area took place in 2002 with ROM Walks. However, all photos on this page were taken in 2019 during several strolls through the Annex streets (once with the ROM Walks again). Actual dates the photo was taken are in the photo captions.

To make seeing the photos easier, we divided the set in three areas indicated in the Navigation Bar.
1. ANNEX WEST located west of Spadina Rd:
- Lowther Ave 173, 175, 181, 188;
- Bernard Ave 131, 135;
- Dalton Rd; - Kendal Ave;
- Walmer Rd;- Brunswick Ave; - Albany Ave.
2. ANNEX EAST E-W STREETS (East-West streets located East of Spadina):
- The rest of Lowther and Bernard Avenues;
- Prince Arthur Ave; - Elgin Ave;
- Boswell Ave; - Tranby Ave.
3.ANNEX EAST S-N STREETS (South-North streets located East of Spadina):
- Madison Ave; - Huron St; - St. George St;
- Bedford Rd; - Admiral Rd.