Amherstburg is located on Detroit River near Lake Erie, about 25km south of Windsor. Area was first settled in 1784, Fort Malden was established in 1796 to protect the Detroit River mouth. Amherstburg was incorporated as a town in 1878. Amherstburg, Chatham and many other Ontario towns were part of Underground Railroad, bringing black slaves to freedom in Canada.

We visited Amherstburg on August 5, 2006.

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Detroit River Embankment.
1/3. Walkway Light Post (?).
Detroit River Embankment
2/3. Walkway Light Post (?).
Detroit River Embankment
3/3. Ferry Dock Pillar Lantern.
Detroit River Embankment

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273 Ramsay St; Dunbar House, 1849.
Lamp Post at the Side Entrance.
Dunbar House

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277 King St; Freedom Museum.
The Hazrey African Methodist Church, 1848.
Front Yard Light Post.
Freedom Museum

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222 Brock St; St. John Catholic Church, 1844.
1/2. Stairs Parapet Torchiere, Main Entrance.
St. John Catholic Church
2/2. Wall Mount Light at the Side Entrance.
St. John Catholic Church

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525 Dalhousie St; Bellevue, 1816. Gates (?).

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495 Dalhousie St; Rondot House, 1894.
Also known as Argyle Castle.
1/4. Anteroom Pendant (?).
Argyle Castle
2/4. At the Side Entrance (?).
Argyle Castle
3/4. Courtyard Light Post (?).
Argyle Castle
4/4. Gate Pillar Light (2014: Damaged).
Argyle Castle
On Aug. 5, 2006 the owner of the B&B Argyle Castle conducted himself tours of his gorgeous property. He traveled a lot, brought many artifacts and decorated the castle and the courtyard with them. The tour ended on a sad note, because the owner told us that he was trying to sell the castle to the right person, who would maintain it in its present condition. Unfortunately, Google Street View 2014 shows the castle in dilapidated condition. Was it restored later-unknown. The Argyle Castle is not listed on the Amherstburh Heritage Sites page.